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Expand your thinking to expand your impact

There is a growing body of literature and research on scaling social impact organisations. We’ve compiled some relevant articles, papers and other resources to guide your thinking on an expansion strategy including social franchising.


Let's Be Realistic About Measuring Impact I Harvard Business Review                

Measure impact” has become a mantra for creating social change. We should applaud this trend, because results are sometimes ambiguous and claims often go unsubstantiated. But does it really make sense for all mission-driven organizations to measure their long-term impact on society? Read more

To scale impact, funders must understand the systems in which grantees operate I Greater Good – Arabella Advisors Blog                                                                              

Success in philanthropic work is defined by impact (creating measurable improvement in the lives of people you want to help), sustainability (ensuring the work you’re supporting will last a long time), and scalability (making sure the approach you’re funding has the potential to reach many people). While these are important, this posts focus on a critical element to achieving scale: an in-depth understanding of the key players and systems involved in delivering the services you are supporting. Read more

Five steps to geographically expand your social enterprise I The Guardian

Social replication – reproducing a successful social purpose organisation or project in a new geographical location – can in many cases help increase your reach. This article provides feedback from organisations that have scaled successfully to outline the five key stages to consider when thinking about spreading your impact. Read more

Demystifying Scaling: Part 1 I Stanford Social Innovation Review

This article is the first in a five part series on development a common framework for nonprofits to scale for impact. Read more

Time for Social Entrepreneurs to Share the Spotlight I Stanford Social Innovation Review

While bold social entrepreneurs play a huge role in unlocking social change, there are thousands of potential social franchisees willing to do the same if social entrepreneurs were more willing to share the “special sauce” recipe. Read more

How social franchising is bringing jobs to the developing world I

Franchising is a powerful business. But could it do even more? Philanthropists are considering whether the franchise model can be used to bring vaccines, contraception, clean cooking fuel, food and other basic necessities to people in the developing world. Read more

Social Franchising: Freedom within a Framework I Scholl World Forum

Dan Berelowitz CEO of The International Centre for Social Franchising (ISCF) discusses the impact of replicating successful franchising systems. Read more

Practical guides

Development Impact and You Toolkit

Development Impact and You is a new online toolkit, designed by Nesta in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation. It features 30 social innovation tools that are quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help social entrepreneurs create more impact with their work. Freely available online at

Reports and Papers

Social Franchising: A way of Systematic Replication to Increase Social Impact (2008)

A good overview of the basic concepts of social franchising.

Franchising in Frontier Markets (2009)

Published by Dalberg, this report looks at what’s working, what’s not and why when it comes to franchising in developing markets.