Funding Opportunities

Social Franchising DonationsPushing the wheel, not reinventing it

Social franchising shows that powerful social change can be achieved by replicating successful models rather than encouraging new solutions to the same problems. This potential to create larger and more measurable impacts combined with greater efficiencies and lower costs are key reasons why donors invest in social franchises.

Investing in Social Franchising

The areas of social franchising where investment could be made include:

  1. Expanding the capacity of existing social franchises to promote scaling
  2. Investing in new franchisees for existing social franchise operations
  3. Getting successful social enterprises ready to franchise for the first time
  4. Supporting current activities of social impact organisations to free up resources for social franchising

Some social franchise initiatives

The following initiatives requires donor funding in order to expand their proven models:

Ikamva Youth equips learners from disadvantaged communities with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and employment opportunities once they matriculate.  The main aim of Ikamva Youth is to increase the number of learners matriculating with university exemption through a well-developed and proven tutoring programme. The organisation has multiple branches already and has also expanded through open sourcing to similar organisations. The organisation is looking to expand further through social franchising.

Philani Mentor Mothers (MM) is a proven community health programme focused on maternal and child health.  The Philani MM programme is currently operational in the Western Cape and has replicated successfully to an area in the Eastern Cape. The organisation wishes to scale further and is now considering social franchising to do so.

U-turn Homeless Ministries run a unique programme whereby homeless people are prepared to re-enter society and the work force.  This is done by employing occupational therapy in a safe working environment. The organisation is considering expanding its impact through social franchising.

Please contact us to discuss how your organisation could support social franchising initiatives to expand through social franchising.